I'm obsessed with the past. I often feel like I’m slipping away from the world. By the time I acclimate with the present it already seems resigned to a bygone era. Because of that I've always been driven to create some form of permanence in an age that grows more indifferent to the physical. But even that suffers from degradation.
To that end, my work currently focuses on the chromatic aberration of antique references. These faults in focus reveal alternate timelines with endless possibilities. I often imagine if through these indistinct outlines of colour what future it held and how through my process i can will it into existence. My work is figurative, created in oils, both paint and pastel. 

Cardiff University - Foundation in Art & Design  (2007-2008)
City & Guilds - Diploma Film & Television (2008)
Kingston University - BA Illustration & Animation (2008-2011)

You can also find my Motion Graphics work at www.methodandpractice.com
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