Following the start of the pandemic of 2020 I began to re-evaluate my connection with art+design and the creative process. Over the last decade I had transformed a background of animation direction into a motion graphics career. Although successful and enjoyable my engagement with current creative events, processes and community in general had fallen off.
A large part of what has drawn me back to painting and traditional mediums in general is simply a catharsis that comes from a body of work personal to me. This development is something that I had lost through a commercial design, where control over the end result is, alas, a battle between personal taste and a wanted deliverable.
In the Summer of 2022 my wife and I joined the Art Hub collective in Woolwich Dockyards, opened a studio and begun re-inventing who we are as creatives. I have begun with oil paintings but I’m excited to explore and grow as an artist.
If there is anything here you like feel free to get in touch. I’m excited to exhibit, collaborate and sell.

You can also find my Motion Graphics work at
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