Following the start of the pandemic of 2020 I began to re-evaluate my connection with art+design and the creative process. Over the last decade I had transformed a background of animation direction into a motion graphics career. Although successful and enjoyable my engagement with current creative events, processes and community in general had fallen off. I began to find that my work had become purely commercial and innovation had stagnated. 

During subsequent lockdowns I took time from commercial animation and design projects to begin exploring creative avenues for pleasure, something I hadn't done since a BA in Illustration & Animation at Kingston 2010. I had not touched Oil Painting mediums since a Foundation in Art of 2007 or produced plein air / reportage work. I instantly fell in love. Although unskilled with painting I felt passion for it. I set about painting, enjoying whatever avenues the art has developed. 

Now in the Summer of 2022 my wife and I have joined the Art Hub collective in Woolwich Dockyards, opened a studio and begun re-inenting who we are as creatives. I have begun with oil paintings but I’m excited to explore new mediums and old favourites in this quest to re-ignite my creativity. 

If there is anything here you like feel free to get in touch. I’m excited to exhibit, collaborate and sell if there is interest.

You can also find my Motion Graphics work at